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Technology: Patents: Giancarlo Studio Furniture - We Develop Leading Manufacturing And Design Solutions For The Furniture Industry. We Hold Three Patents For Our Furniture Designs, Machinery Designs, And Processes. We Developed The World's First Double Tapered Bent Lamination As Well As A Brand New Process Called Crystal Forming. Our Dedication To Pioneering Research And Development Places Us At The Forefront Of The Luxury Furniture Industry. 



Giancarlo Studio Furniture prides itself on pioneering research and development in the furniture industry.

Giancarlo Studio Furniture develops proprietary, highly-efficient processes, machines, and methods in order to produce the world's finest furniture. Giancarlo Studio Furniture is a LEED compliant, Zero Carbon Goal design/manufacturing studio.


Technical Brilliance, Passion, And Ambition In Perfect Harmony

Passion for great design, premium materials, and honest manufacturing fuel the Lydig Collection. At Giancarlo Studio Furniture - the best is a matter of standards, and we inherit our own. 


Crystal Forming

Watch the video to see how the seats for our dining chairs are made. Three layers of wood pressed together under 300,000 lbs of force. 2 hours of CNC machining and 6 hours of hand shaping and finishing.


Double Tapered Bent Lamination

The curves of the Lydig Chair are constructed using a brand new manufacturing technique developed by Giancarlo Studio Furniture. This technique eliminates all unnecessary mass from the form of the chair while simultaneously rendering the Lydig Chair far stronger than industry standards.


Crystal Form

Three layers of solid wood are assembled in a cross grain configuration under 300,000 pounds of force. This technique is used to create the table top and various parts for the Lydig Chair in order to ensure that they will not warp, expand, or contract, crystal-forming showcases the most highly figured and beautiful characteristics of the wood. 


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