SciLux TOD'S 11/17/17


Luxury Leather Goods With TOD'S

          Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Disney - American's know a little about starting a business in a basement. American culture idolizes the "basement start-up culture." It wasn't any different for Filippo Della Valle - except it was 1920 and starting a shoe company in your basement wasn't considered chic yet. 


Filippo Della Valle, a shoemaker from Ancona, Italy started his shoe factory in his basement. His plan? To make and provide shoes for the people in his town and surrounding area. Did he know that his business would eventually become a multi-national holding brand including some of the most luxurious marks in the world? Probably not.

Filippo gave his business to his son, Dorino. Dorino, tasked himself from turning his father's business into full-fledged factory - producing traditional, luxury shoes for the European market. Dorino did just that, but he had other plans for his eldest son Diego. Dorino wanted Diego to be a lawyer, but Diego had other plans. Diego Della Valle took over his family's factory to establish TOD'S in 1978. 

Truth be told, none of us would even know the name TOD'S if it wasn't for Diego - he named it, he branded it. Against his father's advice, Diego took over the family business and began producing new, innovative, luxury shoes for the global market. Diego tackled market giants in their own segments - taking on the likes of Cole Hann and Bass with his Gommino loafer. If you had asked a professional business consultant to write a business plan for a new brand in the leather goods space, I doubt it would include facing industry leaders head on - but that is what Diego did. 


Fun fact: TOD'S was originally called J.P. TOD'S and Diego Della Valle "stole" the name from a Boston, Ma. telephone book. He describes the word "TOD'S" as being "round and finite," and "a word that sounds 'finished' as it rolls off the tongue." Once the brand began to be recognized by American in the 1980s, Della Valle dropped the J.P. because some of his American customers began shortening the brand name and referring to the brand as J.P. - which Della Valle hated.


So, does TOD'S count as real, authentic luxury? The answer is simple and easy. Yes. Matter of fact, TOD'S stands for exactly you would want from a luxury brand. Della Valle is on the books criticizing brands and designers that have taken their manufacturing out of Italy - and rightfully so. “For true luxury brands, lowering prices by outsourcing is not something they could really ever consider as a strategy for growth,” says Della Valle. That is who you want at the helm of a luxury business. A person capable of understanding the service their product provides to a customer, and doesn't not get caught up on quarterly P&L statements. 

Do the products created by TOD'S spare no expense? Yes, across the board, TOD'S product line is highly crafted and extremely well manicured. TOD'S place among the premier luxury brands is rightfully earned.