SciLux Vilner Customs 11/3/17


Redefining Luxury Auto Interiors With Vilner Customs

     As most stories of creative passion, this one starts in a familiar place - the garage. Atanas Vilner, began working on cars out of his garage in 1996. He was passionate about his hobby, "I started first working on my own cars, because no matter how you look at it - your car is an expression of your own personality," Vilner says.


Vilner, a native Bulgarian, describes painting his matchbox cars with nail polish as a child - dreaming of the cars he saw in foreign magazines. Why foreign magazines, you ask? Simple - let's paint a picture of Bulgaria between 1946 and 1990. Bulgaria was controlled by the Bulgarian Communist Party - a powerful formation that was born from a coup detat in 1960. I need not explain that these were not a playful people. Driven by a government controlled manufacturing economy, there was little time and money left for the exuberant luxuries enjoyed by the west. 

The fall of communism in Bulgaria in 1990 led to an influx of chaos, industry, and of course - money. With the capitalist powers that be scrambling for the discounted goods of the fallen government, the Bulgarian economy surged. 

Now, back to a garage in Bulgaria. Vilner had ever planned to make a living customizing and tuning cars. He claims that his business started semi-haphazardly. People would see his work and ask him to "do up" their cars. In the beginning he was a making just enough money from his business endeavors to further customize his own cars - which only spread the word of his talents further. 


After two decades of business and expert craftsmanship, Vilner has some powerhouse brands in his corner. The likes of Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are knocking on his door for his special-edition interiors. 

"Our goal is to achieve new aesthetic for cars, where the aesthetic reflects the personality of the owner of the car," Vilner explains, "We all appreciate beautiful things, and I ensure that everything leaving our studio is unique and an individual creation."

Vilner is currently partnered with another, extraordinarily interesting company, Rimac. Rimac is the world's first company to produce an entirely electric hyper car. It seems as if the duo compliment each other perfectly. An expert for the interior and an expert for the exterior. 


So, does a company like Vilner count as real, authentic luxury? You sure bet it does. From real, hand stitched leather, and bespoke materials to precision craft and finely curated color schemes, interiors from Vilner Customs scream passion of Atanas Vilner. 

Do the projects created by Vilner Customs spare no expense? Of course. Custom interiors from Vilner can easy dip into the hundreds of thousands and their customers appreciate the service.  "...what [my customers] all have in common is financial ability and a sense of beauty. They are people who want to express themselves through the car they have." I couldn't have summed it up better myself.