Buffet Table - Giancarlo Studio Furniture

Buffet Table: Side Table: Side Board: Giancarlo Studio Furniture: Employing A Wrap-Around Waterfall Design, The Buffet Table Is Constructed Using One Solid, Continuous Board. This Ensures That Grain Structure And Lines Line Up Perfectly From The Top To The Sides. The Buffet Table Has A Cherry Beam That Is Through Tenoned Into The Sides. There Are Ten Hand Cut Dovetails And Two Wedged Through Tenons Used In The Assembly Of The Buffet Table. There Are No Screws Or Nails Used In The Construction Of The Buffet Table.

Buffet Table

Employing a wrap-around waterfall design, the Buffet Table is constructed using one solid, continuous board. This ensures that grain structure and lines line up perfectly from the top to the sides. The Buffet Table has a cherry beam that is through tenoned into the sides. There are ten hand cut dovetails and two wedged through tenons used in the assembly of the Buffet Table. There are no screws or nails used in the construction of the Buffet Table.