Luxury Furniture

Luxury Furniture

     Giancarlo Studio Furniture is the definitive industry leader in design and manufacturing technologies.

     You likely found this page because you are tired of poor-quality furniture. You have been worn down by the ambiguous marketing jargon like;"real wood," "walnut stain," and "genuine leather." You aren't alone - droves of people have woken up from the lies and shams of corporate marking departments and are anxious to find real, high-quality furniture made and designed by a small team of experts.

If you are looking for a quick guide to teach you how to distinguish the good furniture from the bad - click the link below to see a detailed guide about various types of furniture.

     Luxury furniture begins with design - and good design takes knowledge, time, energy, and passion. The contemporary market is full of "fakers" - designers, manufacturers, and retail chains pushing "new" designs simply because of their "newness."

     At Giancarlo Studio Furniture, we believe all great design can be derived from first engineering principles. Our entire design team is trained in high level engineering and manufacturing sciences. This allows our team to complete difficult design challenges that are beyond the scope of most conventional designer manufacturers. 

We are committed to two core principles: 

1. To educate the public about design and furniture.

2. To design and create the most beautiful, high-quality furniture in history.