Lydig Side Chair: Chaise Side Chair: Lounge Chair: Giancarlo Studio Furniture: The Lydig Side Chair Is Constructed From Four Distinct Elements And Precision Engineered To Last Forever. Each Leg Is Comprised Of Twelve Solid, Individually Tapered Layers Of Wood Laminated Together Under Extreme Force. The Result Is An Elegant, Curved Section That Is Far Stronger Than A Straight Section Of Wood More Than Ten Times Its Size. The Lydig Side Chair Is Only Available In The Highest Quality Full-Hide Leathers And Cloths. The Timeless Design Expressed By The Lydig Side Chair Seamlessly Integrates Itself With Any Room While Subtly Commanding Attention.

Andrew Levine's Desk


Total cost of this project excluding delivery is


Crystal-Form Top: $8,736.51

Regular Top: $6,475.84

Walnut (for reference):

Crystal-Form Top: $6,523.35

Regular Top: $4,875.54

Lead Time is:

12 weeks


1. Top made of 3 layers of rosewood pressed together with 300,000lbs of force

2. The drawer cases as well as the drawers will have dovetailed construction.

3. Tapered Curved Solid Legs

4. completed weight will be ~ 430 lbs

- Giancarlo

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Andrew, look through the renderings and let me know what you think. This desk has 3 drawers. 2 side drawers and one pencil drawer. The side drawers are 16" wide, 3.5" deep, and 12" long. I also designed the drawers so that they will be out of the line of sight of anyone who approaches your desk from the front. What I mean to say is that - If you are over 5 feet tall and standing within 12 feet from the closest edge of the desk, you will have no idea that the drawers are on the other side. It is a little bit of a vantage point trick - but I think it works quite effectively. The picture below the gallery is rendered from the viewpoint of someone 5 feet tall standing at a distance of 12 feet away from the desk. 

Vantage point of a person 5 feet tall from 12 feet away. 

Vantage point of a person 5 feet tall from 12 feet away.