Bucket Chair Version 4

by BergDesign Architecture and Giancarlo Studio Furniture


Notes: I suggest copying and pasting the url of this page to another page so that you can look at Bucket Chair Version 3 and Bucket Chair Version 4 side by side.

1. I didn't incorporate the curved bolster panel on this design. It adds quite a bit of manufacturing time - especially because it is the only piece that is made this way on the chair (aside from the arm rests). 

2. I changed the meeting lines of the sections to create one central eye-line for the entire side profile of the chair.

3. I changed the legs quite a bit. I think the taper visually lightens the base and the splay gives it nicer stance. The back legs are also a lot shorter, meaning that they no longer stick out so far in the back. 

4. I know it might not look like it but, I changed the central geometry of the chair quite a lot to get the math to work out better.