12 Chairs Project


     In the past, architects, industry leaders, researchers, and scientists worked with furniture designers to showcase new materials, new design philosophies, and extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, the advent of big box retailers and flat pack furniture destroyed this wonderful creative outlet for the contemporary design firm. As designers, it is our role to create objects for our clients as well as provide them with a narrative they can participate in - a process they are eager to tell their friends and neighbors about.

     I created the 12 Chairs project to rekindle this important aspect of the designer – client relationship as well as to fulfill a childhood dream of my own. As a boy, I loved the stories of Charles and Ray Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. I re-read the classics about the dilemma of the designer-manufacturer, including The Fountainhead and the memoirs of Carlo Mollino, ad nauseam. I want nothing more than to contribute to the history of design in the same way my childhood heroes did. It is my hope that the 12 Chairs project becomes an inspiration for students and members of the global design community.

- Giancarlo Paternoster

As of 10/29/17 8 of the 12 partners have been chosen.

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